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4.4. Clearing Bounce Records

Updated 12.22.17


Email bounces are generated by the recipient's email server. Unfortunately, NewPanda has no control over receiving server settings and cannot "get around" them to avoid bounces.  More info here.

If a specific email address bounces too many times, we have to remove it from our "send" list, or we end up with too many bounces from all our different users, and then the email companies out there like AOL, Comcast, Yahoo, Gmail, etc., get their hackles up.  They count the number of bounces coming from our servers each hour, and if we have too many, they can block us (and that means you).

When one of your email addresses bounces and you know it's a valid email address because you just verified with the contact that it's valid, you can manually clear a bounce record to allow our system to attempt to send future messages.

Open the contact details record by clicking on the contact name.  View the Bounce Status in the Subscription Info area. If you see a NO BOUNCES status, the bounce was TEMPORARY and has already been cleared.

Click the Optout Details and Bounce Status Change link. Here you will find detailed information as to the reason the message bounced. Click the Remove link to allow our system to attempt this email address for future messages.  NOTE: If the recipient unsubscribed or if the email address has been determined to be undeliverable (no such address), you cannot remove the bounce record.

Nope, you can't "mass delete" your bounces.  Why? Because you can affect our standing in the email community (and all of our other customers) if you abuse the Remove bounce feature. You must verify in each and every case that the recipieint's email address is valid before removing a bounce record. (This also discourages known spammers from using our system.) Yeah, it can be a pain, but unfortunately, it's just the way it is - and it protects you from other system users mucking up the works when you want your messages to get delivered!

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