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5.47. Why does the FROM email address look strange in some email programs?

Updated 10.21.13

The display of the "from" email address is a setting within your (or your RECIPIENT'S) email client program, and may display differently in different email clients such as Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, etc.  Unfortunately, neither NewPanda nor any other organization can control the email settings of your recipients. You wouldn't want anyone, especially another organization, to be able to arbitrarily control YOUR email settings, and neither do your contacts.

Because we provide email services for many thousands of clients, we use industry standard "behind the scenes" coding in our (your) messages, as well as best practices in the way we send your messages. This is done for two very important reasons:

1. To uphold our good reputation in the email community.

2. To ensure your messages reach your recipient IN boxes, not their SPAM folders.

Our IP addresses are not associated with your "from" email address (i.e., our IP addresses are registered to NewPanda.com, NOT your email domain). Email service providers (ESPs) like AOL, Yahoo, Comcast, etc., don't like it when the domains in the "from" email address are different than the domain in the IP address. Therefore, header coding is present in your NewPanda messages so that those ESPs understand that you have requested the message to go through our IP addresses. Otherwise the ESPs would consider you (and therefore us) a possible Spammer, and would probably block your messages.  This is a sad result of spammers out there, and unfortunately, is part of using another service like NewPanda or any other service, to send messages on your behalf.  We have to follow the rules, or your messages simply won't get delivered.

An alternative option would be for us to dedicate an IP address just for your messages, and that would cost you extra money to set up, and to maintain every month (a lot). And it would take several months to warm up the new IP server, during which time your messages may or may not get blocked.  You can find more information on that here.

The email client programs of you and/or your recipients may be set to automatically display email header or other sender information.  You (and they) may or may not be able to adjust your settings if you find the detailed information undesirable (please consult the help tools available through your email client).  At this time we are not able to remove the header information as it would have negative consequences for the deliverability of all messages sent through the NewPanda platform.

Outlook clients may notice the "from" email address starts with =?utf-8?Q?.  This is a setting within your Outlook program.  You can find more information about updating your Outlook settings here.

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