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10.1. QR Code Generation

Updated 02.04.13

NewPanda QR/Mobile Listing fetaures are coming soon.  In the meantime, you can generate a QR code to point to any URL thusly:

  1. Capture the url of your desired landing web page, online listing page or property detail page
  2. Go to http://createqrcode.appspot.com/
  3. Paste your URL in the text box
  4. Click Create QR Code

Once the QR code is generated, you'll want to save both the QR Code image and the URL:

  1. Right click on the QR Code, and choose "save image as" - then save the image (suggested: .jpg or .png format) onto your Desktop or a folder on your computer for retrieval.
  2. Copy the Google Chart API URL and paste it into a Notepad or Word document for use wherever you'd like. The URL points to the QR code.

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