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16.5. Creating Auto Pilot Events

Updated 06.26.13

Users with Administrative access can create Auto Pilot email and social post events.  Don't have this feature?  Contact us and we'll check with your broker.

  1. Create your email message or social post as normal - you must create separate social messages/events for:
    1. Facebook & Facebook Pages, and
    2. Twitter and/or LinkedIn social posts. The functionality for Twitter & LinkedIn is different than for Facebook and Facebook pages
  2. On the Schedule & Send page, use the CREATE AUTO PILOT option
  3. Select the appropriate AutoPilot channel
  4. Create an appropriate message name in the Users' Message Name field - this is what your agents will see in their Messages List
  5. If an email, add Email Subject Line - this is what email recipients will see as their email subject line
  6. Select your Creation Date (this is the time and date that the messages will appear in Users' Message lists) - must be at least 3 minutes in the future
  7. Select your Scheduled Date (this is the time and date that the messages will post to Social Networks and/or be emailed) - must be at least 30 minutes after the Creation Date
  8. Use the Entity dropdown list to select the appropriate region / office, etc.  Admin users will have access according to their Admin Access level (some office-wide, some regional, a few corporate).
  9. Save & Continue - you're done!

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