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16.6. Sending eMessages to Selected Users

Posted 09.06.12

NewPanda's eMessaging system can be configured to allow users with Administrative Access to select recipients based on current system users rather than recipients in your contact list.  If your administrative features don't currently allow this functionality, please contact us for more information.

Click here to view basic instructions for creating Templated eMessages.

Click here to view basic instructions for creating "Create From Scratch" eMessages.

To select from current system users:

Within the Email Details page (this is the page where you name your message, create your subject line and select recipients) you will see an additional selection option in the Who do you want to receive this email section, called Send to Selected Users.

  1. Click on the Send to Selected Users bar to access the selection features
  2. Use the dropdown menu(s) to select by office and/or criteria
  3. Click Save & Continue

4. To skip Mobile and Social updates, click the Schedule & Send button at to the top of the page and skip to STEP 6, OR

5. If you want to send a Mobile Message or Social Update in addition to your eMessage, use the Compose your Mobile Message page and/or Compose your Social Update page to do so, then click Save & Continue

6. Schedule your message: choose to Save as a Draft, Send Now, or Schedule Delivery.  (If you have not selected recipients for your message yet, you can only Save as Draft.)

7. Click Save & Continue.  All events will be sent at their individually scheduled times.  
NOTE that when scheduling messages for a later date, you MUST activate the Schedule Delivery radio button to activate the calendar.  If you schedule a future date, then click the Send Now radio button, the scheduled date will be removed, and your message will be sent immediately.  Sent messages cannot be recalled or undone.

A copy of your finished product will automatically be saved in your My Messages feature.  If you archive your message before it's actually sent, it will not be sent.

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