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5.29. Google Analytics for NewPanda Messages

Updated 12.05.14

If you are a Google Analytics user, there are multiple ways to update your email content and web pages so they can be tracked by Google.

For info and instructions on how to set up Google Analytics tracking, use the following resources:

You can also check the documentation tied to your Google account, within Analytics. They should provide instructions and custom keys for your account which you can then add to any outbound NewPanda message.

You'll need to add Analytics snippets to every unique message you want tracked - so once you create a new message or a new Auto Pilot type message becomes available in your NewPanda Messages queue, you can click to Edit the message and then switch to HTML mode to insert code snippets.

It's always very important to Preview your message any time you've made any changes, and to test it thoroughly before sending to live recipients, to be sure your HTML changes perform the way you expect.

HTML Coding Tips

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