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1.1. Data Feed eListings (Broker or IDX data)

Posted 03.06.12

Some of our broker partners have established a data exchange by which we receive agent listings.  To find out if your broker provides this service, submit a request.

If your broker hasn't set up a data exchange but you'd like to get automatic listings updates to your NewPanda web site from your local MLS service, you'll need to request an IDX link.

  1. The IDX link will then be used as the "My Listings" update link for a framed page within your NewPanda web site.
  2. These listings will unfortunately not aggregate to your eListings tools since the process does not involve a data exchange, but merely a link to a web page containing your listings created by your local MLS service.  You can manually create and manage listings to appear in your eNewsletters or to send as eListings (appropriate feature activation required; visit www.re.newpanda.com for current pricing).
  3. The link updates your listings on your NewPanda web site in real time.  Because our data loaders are not involved in this process, any issues with your listings should be reported to your MLS service directly.        
  4. For liability purposes, NewPanda may not contact your MLS service on your behalf; but we are happy to attend conference calls or provide you with technical information you can pass to your MLS service at your request.

Broker data exchange works this way:

  1. NewPanda receives a new data file each night.
  2. NewPanda loads the data file in the wee hours of the morning.  In rare cases, incorrect formatting or corruption of the data files can cause the data not to load.  We monitor the data loader and will contact your IT department if issues arise.
  3. The data received contains and manages your property price, status, description and images. Listings furnished via the data exchange (their source displays as Data Feed in your listings tools) do not need to be manually updated by you at any time.


4. You may update your data feed listings at any time to add or delete images, update status
    or description or make other enhancements.  If you manually update a data-provided listing,
    you will disassociate your listing from the data exchange.  What does this mean?

    a. NewPanda will no longer load any updates for the listing.  This includes price and status.
        Otherwise, your changes would be wiped out with each new data update.

    b. You will need to manage all details of manually-managed listings through closing or
        removal from the market.

    c. You may re-associate your listing with the data feed at any time by doing the following:
        i. Click the Action link for the listing
       ii. From the drop-down menu, select Delete
      iii. The Delete a Listing page will appear (this is a safety feature to mitigate accidental
           deletions).  Click Delete Listing.
      iv. The listing's source will revert to Data Feed.  Please allow 24 hours for the first update 
           via the data exchange your your local MLS IDX link.
      v. If the listing is completely removed from your Listings tools, allow 24 hours for NewPanda 
           to receive the latest data feed or for update from your local IDX exchange link. 


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