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15.8. My recipient got unsubscribed but they didn't click the unsubscribe link

Updated 08.27.14

There are a few different scenarios that can create a "false" unsubscribe for your recipients:

  1. The recipient's email filters could be set up to verify each link in the eMessage as it comes in by accessing its destination (in this case, the Unsubscribe Confirmation Page), causing an accidental unsubscribe.  The recipient may need to check their security settings to make some adjustments. 
  2. A recipient may have forwarded an eMessage they received to someone else, who clicked the "unsubscribe" link, not realizing the link is unique for the original recipient. 
  3. Messages to this recipient have bounced too many times, so we had to unsubscribe them.

The Federal CAN-SPAM act of 2003 requires unsubscribed email addresses to be removed immediately and permanently from our "send" lists.  As an email service provider, if we don't comply we can get in all kinds of trouble with the different Internet Service Providers AND the government, and no one wants that!

If a "forwarded" recipient accidentally unsubscribed one of your recipients from a FORWARDED eMessage, the original recipient (that accidentally got unsubscribed) can email you OR help@newpanda.com FROM the unsubscribed email address to request to be re-subscribed.  If the individual emails you, just forward the request to us and we'll resubscribe them, then let you know when the process is complete.

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