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15.1. Can I re-subscribe an email address myself?

Updated 11.17.15

Watch our Contacts: Undeliverable Email Addresses video!

The Federal CAN-SPAM act of 2003 requires unsubscribed email addresses to be removed immediately and permanently from our "send" lists.  As an email service provider, if we don't comply we can get in all kinds of trouble with the different Internet Service Providers AND the government, and no one wants that!

But we understand that mistakes can happen or people can change their minds.  If a recipient accidentally clicked on the unsubscribe link in one of your eMessages or had a change of heart, they can email you OR help@newpanda.com FROM the unsubscribed email address to request to be re-subscribed.  If the individual emails you, just forward the request to us and we'll resubscribe them, then let you know when the process is complete.

If YOU unsubscribed a recipient from your list and wish to re-subscribe them, you can follow these easy steps (no paper trail required!):

  1. From the Manage Contacts tab, locate the contact you wish to re-subscribe and click the contact's name to open the editing record
  2. UN-check the Email Opt-Out field or Text Message Do Not Allow field in the Subscription Info section
  3. Click SAVE.  You may have to refresh your page to see the changes

Remember, the Opt-Out type for recipients YOU opted out is "User".  These are the only types of records you can manually re-subscribe.


If the Opt Out type is "Contact", that means your contact has requested to opt out.  We can't let you change those records, or we could get shut down by the FCC (you wouldn't like it if the people you unsubscribed from decided to re-subscribe you without asking, right?).  If the contact has had a change of heart, they can send an email to you or to help@newpanda.com (FROM the unsubscribed email address) with a simple message: "Please resubscribe me to emails / text messages from <your name>".  Then we will have a permanent record in case we're required to show proof later.

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