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15.9. Why do all my eMessages have Unsubscribe links?

Updated 11.05.14

Please carefully review our Terms of Use, Anti-Spam Policy and Privacy Policy.

The Unsubscribe links on your eMessages are there for several inter-related reasons:

  1. To comply with the Federal CAN-SPAM Act of 2003
  2. To provide recipients a quick, convenient way to request not to receive future eMessages from you (they may prefer snail mail or some other form of marketing, or their needs may simply have changed)
  3. To help NewPanda immediately and automatically comply with those unsubscribe requests (so you don't have to manage them yourself - yuck!)
  4. To keep us (and your eMessages, and all our other users' eMessages) "white listed" with the various ISPs that monitor everything that comes through our system to make sure we are not considered "SPAMMERS" or abusers of email rules.
  5. Depending upon your broker or industry affiliation, they may contain information and/or imagery required in your outbound eMessages for legal or other purposes.

NOTE:  If a recipient contacts you to ask to be removed from your email list (instead of clicking their Unsubscribe link), you'll need to manage that manually.

Part of the service we provide you is an automated process to immediately handle a request if someone chooses not to receive your NewPanda eMessages any longer by way of the Unsubscribe link.  We do that not only because we love you and it makes your life easier, but because we have to. 

If we don't, we can get into all sorts of trouble with the different email services and they can block everything coming from our system pretty much forever.  Unfortunately, we have to abide by their rules, or they don't have to allow any emails from our system through. 

Let's say there was another NewPanda user that didn't comply with unsubscribe requests - maybe because they were on a 3-month sabbatical in BoraBora.  Now would it be fair if YOUR emails got rejected because BoraBora didn't update their unsubscribe requests in a timely manner?  We pretty much think you'll agree - that would stink!

Remember, just because someone unsubscribes from your eMessages doesn't mean they hate you.  They may simply be trying to cut down on the number of email messages they receive.  Or they may prefer if you sent your eMessages to a different email account of theirs.  Or they may prefer snail mail.  Or they may prefer to visit your web site to see if you have any news or special offers. 

Use this information to create appropriate Groups (for example, "Snail Mail" or "Web Coupons").  Then use your NewPanda To-Do List and Notes features to create tasks and notes about these individuals, so you can stay in touch appropriately with them.  And you can use our handy Mailing Label feature to create mailing labels for your Snail Mail group campaigns and collateral piece mailings.

Be sure to check out our pages on how NewPanda ensures your messages will get delivered, and what to do with contacts that unsubscribe for more tips and tricks. 

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