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8.1. Creating New Social Updates

Updated 09.21.17

NewPanda Social Tools are required for this feature. Learn more.

Watch our tutorial video:

The instructions below pertain to messages created solely for social posting, not email messages. If you want to create a social post in conjunction with your email message, click here.

1. Click the Create New Message tab in the Send Your Messages feature.

2. On the What Kind of Email Do You Want To Create page, choose Nake My Own.

3. The Create Email page will open. Insert your cursor in the message field, and type any letter or character (you only need to enter one letter or character). Click Save & Continue.

4. The Email Details page will open. Create a name for your Social Update in the Message Name field.  It should be descriptive yet brief (so you'll know how to identify it later in your Messages list). Copy and paste the message name into the Email Subject Line field. No other fields on this page should be filled out. Do NOT select any recipients for your message. Scroll down and click Save & Continue. (If you click SKIP EMAIL, your message name will be lost.)

5. The Create Mobile Message page will open. Scroll to the bottom and click Skip Mobile.

6. The Create Social Message page will open. Select the Social Network(s) to which to post your update. Click here for instructions on adding Social Networks.


7. Enter your Status Update (personal message) in the text field under STEP 3.  Note that there is a character limit for Social Updates. The handy character counter will indicate the number of allowable characters remaining.


8. You are not required to link to an outside URL from your social post. If you want to link to a web page, use the Insert Your Own URL (STEP 2) field to enter the URL you'd like your audience to visit for more information.

9. Advanced Facebook Options: Click here for instructions on Advanced Facebook options.  

10. Click Save & Continue

11. The Save, Schedule and Send page will open.  In the upper Email section, leave Save As Draft selected. In the lower Social section, choose to Save as a Draft, Send Now, or Schedule Delivery by using the calendar icon options.

12. Click Save & Continue.  Note that when you click the Click Save & Continue button, all events will be sent at their individually scheduled times


Want to see what Facebook will pull from your URL before you post? Enter the URL on this page, then click Debug.

Looking for help on writing response-generating Headlines for your Social Posts?  Check out these tips from our good friends at toprankblog.com!

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