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3.7. Social Network Links for Your eMessages

Updated 11.08.18

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The Social Networks tab has two sections with two entirely different purposes. This tutorial page provides instructions for the TOP PORTION:

Social Network Links: Links to your social networks that will appear on your NewPanda eMessages for quick access by your recipients.


Depending on your broker affiliation, some of your Social Network Links may have been pre-populated with default, broker-level links. If so, you can easily over-write these links to provide your own personal links (see below).

Start by accessing the Settings feature link in the upper portion of your NewPanda tools, underneath your name.  When your Settings feature opens, click on the Social Networks tab.


   a. Blog link: If you have a blog, enter your blog's unique URL here. To find your blog link, either visit (and copy) the blog URL link from your hosted web site, or consult the help documentation available to you through your software or service provider.  Because there are so many services and ways to create and publish blog content, we cannot provide instructions for each.

   b. Facebook link: Your unique Facebook URL is comprised of http://www.facebook.com/ followed by your Facebook Username. Your Facebook link should look something like this (but with your own, unique Facebook Username): http://www.facebook.com/YOURFACEBOOKUSERNAME

       Get Facebook help.

   c. Twitter link: Your unique Twitter URL iss comprised of http://www.twitter.com/  followed by your Twitter Username. Your Twitter Username is the Username you use when signing in to your Twitter account.

       Your Twitter link should look something like this (but with your own, unique Twitter Username):  http://www.twitter.com/YOURTWITTERUSERNAME

       Get Twitter Help.

   d. LinkedIn link: Your unique LinkedIn URL either as assisgned by LinkedIn, or as customized by you. To find it, login to your LinkedIn account, then click the Profile option in the upper left portion of the page (or hover over Profile and choose View). Your profile information will be shown; your LInkedIn URL displays underneath your photo.


       Get LinkedIn help.

   e. Google+ link: (NOTE: Google is discontinuing this service by @ July, 2019). Your unique Google+ URL is assisgned by Google+ or created by you. To find it, login to your Google+ HOME page, and click the Profile option on the left.When the Profile page opens,click the ABOUT link in the lower right portion of your cover photo, then scroll to the Custom URLs section. Your unique Google+ URL will appear as a clickable link. Click the link, then opy and paste this URL into your NewPanda Settings.



      Get Google+ help.

   f. YouTube link: Your unique YouTube URL can be assisgned by YouTube or created by you. To find it, login to your YouTube account and click the dropdown link in the upper right portion of the page, then click My Channel. When the page refreshes, copy the info to the right of "official playlist of". In the NewPanda app, enter "http://youtube.com/" and then paste the name of your channel.


   g. Pinterest link: Your unique Pinterest URL is comprised of http://www.pinterest.com/ followed by your Pinterest Username. Your Pinterest link should look something like this (but with your own, unique Pinterest Username): http://www.pinterest.com/YOURPINTERESTUSERNAME

       Get Pinterest Help.

   h. Instagram link: Your unique Instagram URL is comprised of http://www.instagram.com/ followed by your Instagram Username. Your Instagram link should look something like this (but with your own, unique Instagram Username): http://www.instagram.com/YOURPINTERESTUSERNAME

       Get Instagram Help.

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