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5.37. Why don't my web site, email address, etc., appear as URLs on my messages?

Updated 05.29.14

All of our email templates are designed for maximum results in terms of not only deliverability, but aesthetic value and ease-of-use for recipients.

That being said, your email address, web site, blog, social sites, etc. are displayed as clickable icons, rather than URLs (or your email address).  This serves multiple important purposes:

  1. They provide one-click access to your email address, web site, blog site, and social sites, where the consumer can then bookmark, connect, follow and/or like.
  2. They keep templates clean and "uncluttered" looking, which can result in longer viewing times and less Spam complaints!
  3. They ensure successful connection by mitigating character transposition or outright mis-spelling of email addresses and/or urls. Even if the consumer were to incorrectly transcribe these items, not being able to connect at the crucial time would not only be a missed opportunity for you, but will leave the consumer with a bad taste in their mouth (as they may assume the fault is yours, not theirs).

More info here: Settings Setup and Management

Individual messages can absolutely be edited manually if you want to include alternate information than what is specified within the template.

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