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14.3. How does NewPanda ensure my eMessages will get delivered?

Updated 04.08.18

There are two parts to this discussion: Email design, and List Management:

I - Email Design

NewPanda designs all of our templates with the latest technology in mind - for clean display in every conceivable email client and device out there. We spend a lot of time (and money) making sure your message templates have the cleanest code for the best chance of sailing through recipient spam filters and firewall settings (keeping in mind we cannot control the actual settings themselves). 

We don't allow you to add bad code or paste in code that wasn't meant to be emailed (like, straight off someone's web site, for example). And our terms and policies restrict some of the content our customers can add, just to keep our reputation as an email service provider squeaky-clean in the email community.  It's not good enough to have good-looking messages - it's critical to start with templates designed with integrity -- for deliverability.  And that's part of our service commitment to you.

II - List Management

Aside from poor email list hygiene (not keeping your email list up-to-date, not removing bad addresses, emailing without getting permission first, etc.), blacklisting and/or blocklisting are usually the main factors when eMessages don't get delivered to multiple recipients (say all your Comcast.net recipients).  Blacklisting is when an Email Service Provider like AOL temporarily blocks messages from a sender or IP address.  Blocklisting is when several to many Email Service Providers block you at the same time.

NewPanda is for sending permission-based eMessages only.  Our Terms of Use and Anti-Spam policies are designed to ensure that your eMessages are delivered.  It's your responsibility to keep your email lists clean and up-to-date, and to comply with our membership and use policies.  Additionally, NewPanda employs a full-time staff that works to ensure we're in compliance with Federal CAN-SPAM laws and with the policies of all the different Email Service Providers (ESPs).

  1. We will suspend or cancel services for anyone found in violation of our Terms of Use and / or Anti-Spam policies.  We do this to protect our other members.

  2. We throttle our messages.  That means we won't send a whole bunch of emails to AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail (you get the idea) recipients all at once.  ESPs look for lots of messages from the same sender or IP address, and when they see them, it puts their hackles up, because Spammers tend to send out messages in giant blasts.  That makes the ESPs' mail servers really busy and results in complaints from their customers.  Most ESPs have now established limits on the number of emails they will allow through within a specific time period (say an hour or a day) before they'll automatically block a sender or IP address. They do the same thing with the number of Spam complaints they receive and the number of messages to invalid email addresses in a specific time period from a specific sender or IP address.  That's why it's so important to send permission-based emails only, and keep your list clean.  We'll control the number of messages going to the different ESPs for you, according to each ESP's requirements. 

  3. We actively search for guidelines from each ESP that tell us how many emails they'll allow in what time period, and other rules they have about what can go through their servers and what we need to do with bounces or Spam complaints.  Each ESP has their own guidelines which often change based on new technology and Spam trends.  It's a full-time job to keep up with the changing requirements, and we have staff dedicated to ensuring we're on top of the latest information available.

  4. We will unsubscribe email addresses that have bounced too many times from your list, if you don't.  Each time you try to email an invalid address, you make a negative impact on both your standing with NewPanda and on NewPanda's standing within the email community.  If you do it too many times, we'll unsubscribe the email address as a courtesy to our other customers.  If your list gets too out-of-date and we get too many bounces, we may have to suspend your services.

Here's a great article we found that further delves into Blacklisting, ISP Blocks and Spam triggers.

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