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7.11. Why aren't my Autopilot emails posted to my social networks?

Updated 10.30.18

NewPanda provides both Social Autopilot and Email Autopilot content, but the content and frequency for each are quite different.  Why?  Because consumer expectations for content viewed on social networks versus email messages they receive are vastly different.

  • Frequency expectations - Consumers don't mind seeing social posts from you relatively frequently (say, a few times a week - or in some cases, even daily), but if you emailed them that often, they'd quickly unsubscribe.

  • Content expectations - People visit and follow social network sites for a variety of reasons - to connect with friends and family, to stay on top of current events, to network, and to be entertained.  They understand that social posts are intended for "mass consumption" and that everything they see may not appeal or apply to them.  Conversely, with the exception of close friends and family, your email contacts expect messages you send them to be personal and important, and to provide immediate value.

  • Duplication of messages - In today's busy world, most of us neither care to - nor have the time to - manage the same information in several different places. Instead we'll follow specific social networks and/or subscribe to specific email senders for the content we want, but not both.  If a consumer feels the content they're receiving from you on both your social sites and in their email inbox is redundant, they'll decide which vehicle they'd rather receive that content - and drop the other (Unsubscribe, Unlike, Unfriend).

  • Variety is the spice of life. If the content you provide via your social networks and your email messages is the same, there is no reason for your contacts to subscribe to both.  Providing different, appropriate, valuable content for each not only keeps your email unsubscribe rates and spam reports low, but also provides a reason for consumers to connect with you both via email and on your social media sites.

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