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7.14. Daylight Savings Auto Pilot eCards

Updated 03.02.15

Auto Pilot eCard event notifications are sent to every NewPanda Email Tools user regardless of whether the specific Auto Pilot event has been activated for your membership or not.  If you do business in a geographical location that does not observe Daylight Saving Time, chances are that you have not activated the Spring Forward or Fall Back Auto Pilot eCards or social posts.  NewPanda will not send any Auto Pilot eCard or social post on your behalf until and unless you have activated it.

If you have a mixture of contacts in your database that includes both those that live in geographical locations that observe Daylight Saving time and those that don't, you can create a Daylight Saving Group and edit your Auto Pilot settings to send the Spring Forward and Fall Back Auto Pilot eCards to only those appropriate contacts!

To find out whether you have or have not activated an Auto Pilot event (or whether your membership level includes this feature), go to your Messages feature, then choose Auto Pilot Settings.  Click here to view our Auto Pilot eCards instructional page.


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