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14.6. Accidental Abuse Reports

Updated 06.30.10

When a recipient uses their email program's features to report a message from you as SPAM (whether on purpose or not), it can automatically register an abuse report in the NewPanda system and cause the email address to be unsubscribed from your list.  If this happens by accident, the recipient can do a couple of things to "undo" the abuse report:

1. Go to the SPAM folder or option in their email program and mark the message as "Not Spam"

2. Email you (and you forward to us at help@newpanda.com) FROM the email address that should be
    re-subscribed, a request to be re-subscribed. 

Now, we know Option #2 seems like a pain, but we can get into LOTS of trouble with all sorts of agencies and Email Service Providers if we do not have a "paperless trail" when we "undo" an abuse complaint.  We know it's hard to believe, but we've actually had customers tell us "So-and-So really wants to hear from me" when in fact, So-and-So did NOT really want to hear from them.  As an Email Service Provider, we have to follow the rules in order to keep everything above-board and professional, and to remain in good standing with all the agencies involved.

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