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14.5. Why does the word SPAM appear in my subject line?

Updated 04.18.14

If you or your recipients see the word "SPAM" in the subject line of your NewPanda messages, your (or your recipient's) personal or company email filter is identifying the incoming email as potentially being spam, typically due to content scoring.

This is not something we place in to your message's subject line, nor is it something we have any control over because it is the receiving email server that is adding this text.

If your recipients whitelist your domain (that's after the @ sign in your email address) and add you to their Safe Senders list, their server should stop marking your messages as spam.  Likewise, if you whitelist our domain (@newpanda.com) and add us to your Safe Senders list, your server should stop marking our messages to you as spam.

View instructions on how to add an address to your whitelist in your specific email client.

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