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14.4. All or Most of My List Bounced

Updated 03.17.19

Ruh-roh! If most or all of your list bounced, Here are some items to check:

FRAUD - If your message used a Yahoo or AOL FROM email address, all your emails to matching domains probably bounced. That's because in their efforts to mitigate email fraud, Yahoo and  AOL no longer permit third-party senders (that's us) to send on behalf of their own users (that's you). Messages using a Yahoo or AOL domain for the FROM email address will fail DMARC authentication, and unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about it.  And, before you switch to Gmail or Hotmail or another free email service, be advised they will all probably follow suit before long. :(  Boo!

What can you do? The best long-term solution is to use a corporate or private domain for sending all messages. That probably means updating the email address in your Settings / Contact Info tab.

FORMATTING - Check your contact data to be sure it's formatted correctly (i.e., the email address is IN the Email Address field, and so forth). It's possible that you mapped your import fields incorrectly.  In that case, just delete your data and re-import it.

SYNTAX - Next, check your email addresses themselves. Is the syntax correct (i.e., @aol.com, not @aol)? Do extra spaces or characters exist before or within the email address field?


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