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5.22. Can I Print My Email Messages?

Updated 03.23.19

Messages created for display via email have some important differences from files created specifically for printing. NewPanda email templates are specially designed for email-ability - even the messages you create yourself. That's good news for you and your email recipients, but not so much when you want to print those snazzy email messages.

There are some programs available that convert webpages to printable PDF documents. To find the latest, try a Google search for terms like "URL to PDF."  You can also try creating screenshots and printing them from the program you use.

Using the the webpage version of your NewPanda message will usually be more reliable than trying to print from the NewPanda editor or a message in your email inbox. You can reach the webpage version of a message by emailing it to yourself and clicking the "view this message in a browser" link at the top of the email.

Some things to consider: 

Some of the programs used to create PDFs from URLs will let you adjust how the printable version displays. 

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