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5.21. Deleting Scheduled eMessages, Social Posts

Updated 05.29.13

When you're all done with, or if you don't want to send a particular eMessage (really REALLY sure), you can use the Delete feature to immediately and permanently delete the eMessage.  Did we mention that deleting eMessages is permanent?  Good.  It is.

From the Your Messages main menu, find the message to delete, and click the Delete link.


Trying to delete an AUTO PILOT message?  Click here, and see STEP II - INACTIVATING AUTO PILOT ECARDS. Once you Inactivate the event, the message will automatically be deleted from your list.

If you're not sure whether you may need or want an eMessage in a month or two, try Archiving it for a while (note archiving a message will not stop it from going out). After you're really sure you don't need it, you can delete it.  But remember, once you delete an eMessage, it can't be retrieved.

You'll still be able to view the delivery / open / bounce stats on your deleted messages through the Track Your Results feature.

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