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5.23. Message Status

Updated 08.10.16

Each of your messages will have one of four statuses:

  1. Draft = the message has been created but no recipients / social networks have been selected, and/or the message has not been scheduled. The message will not be sent until or unless both recipients / social networks are selected and the message is scheduled (or sent immediately).
  2. Scheduled = the message has been created, recipients / social networks are selected, and the message is scheduled for a specific date/time to go out.
  3. Launched = the message has been sent / posted according to the date specified.
  4. Processing = the message is now being sent / posted. NOTE: It can take up to 72 hours for all of your messages to be delivered.  If you try to "resend" your message while its status is Processing, you may cause fatal errors to the message, causing it to fail entirely.  A workaround is to replicate the message, send it immediately, then delete the original message.



You can view more details about individual messages by clicking the Status link for the message:


You can track results of your Email messages via the Track Your Results feature.

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