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3.1. First Steps

Updated 03.17.21

Welcome to NewPanda!  You have made an important first step in your marketing communication strategy.  Through this powerful tool set, you can Manage Contacts, Send Messages, Track Results and more.

First, please take a few minutes to read our Terms of Use, Anti-Spam Policy and Privacy Policy.

Next, be sure to add NewPanda to all your email Safe Sender lists so you won't miss important updates from us!

Then, we'll show you how to get your NewPanda features set up and working for you.  There are several areas you'll want to focus on first; the following chapters will provide instructions for setting up and maintaining these features. 



  1. Settings: From the Settings link in the upper right portion of the screen, add or edit your contact information. Some of this information will be displayed in your outbound eCommunications. Your physical address is required to comply with Federal CAN-SPAM laws. Your settings cannot be saved without this information. IMPORTANT: USE ONLY a corporate or private domain email address with NewPanda.  Many free Email Service Providers like AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, etc., no longer allow use of 3rd party apps like NewPanda for message sending when the FROM email address is from their domain. 
  2. Manage Your Contacts: Get your contacts entered or uploaded so you can start communicating with them, scheduling tasks, etc.
  3. Send Your Messages: The Send Your Message feature allows you to choose from a wide variety of message formats to deliver custom content via email and social tools.
  4. Social Posting Network Setup: If you're taking advantage of NewPanda's Social Tools, you need to authenticate your social networks and activate your Auto Pilot channels and networks.
  5. Track Your Results: Track who received, opened, unsubscribed and clicked from your emails.  See specific contact details tied to the results for easy and effective follow-up.
  6. Power Tools: Additional technologies are available to give you web presence and enhance your eCommunications through this turbo-charged set of features.

The following pages in this chapter contain the pertinent information to help you get the basics of your membership set up quickly, so you can start using your tools and seeing results right away. 

Once you've completed the preliminary steps, you will want to perform regular maintenance to keep your contact records up-to-date. We also strongly encourage you to read through the Knowledge Books HOW TO chapters to make sure you understand how each feature works, so you can minimize efforts and maximize success!

Don't forget to check your Dashboard often - it has links to helpful videos, system alerts and much more!

Finally, we encourage you to browse through our TOPICS chapters for information on subjects from eMarketing tips and etiquette to Spam topics, authentication, what affects unsubscribe rates and more.  We hope you'll find our library informative and helpful, and we appreciate your feedback!

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