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7.10. Social Auto Pilot Posts

Updated 11.09.18

First, make sure you've authenticated your Social Networks through NewPanda. Watch our Social Network Authentication Video

Then, set up your Social Auto Pilot posts. Watch our Social Auto Pilot tutorial video:

NewPanda allows you to activate Auto Pilot updates for the following Social Networks:

Click here to view NewPanda Social Auto Pilot Topics & Frequency.

Click here to view instructions for authenticating your Social Networks through NewPanda (required).  Your Social Networks must be authenticated before you can select Social Auto Pilot topics and networks.

I. Activating Auto Pilot Social Updates and what that means to you

Once you've authenticated your Social networks through newPanda, access the Auto Pilot Social Update settings by going to the Messages feature, then selecting Auto Pilot Settings.


Now scroll to the Social Auto Pilot Channels section. 

1. To activate Auto Pilot posts for a Channel (topic/category), click the Active select box.

2. For activated Channels, activate the Social Networks to which you would like automatic posts by NewPanda by clicking in the appropriate select box.  If you do not select any Social Networks after activating Channels, we will not make Social posts to the activated Channel.


IMPORTANT NOTES regarding Social Network Authentications:


3. We'll make your Social Updates available for you to view and/or edit once a week (usually by Tuesday afternoon) via the Your Messages list.  At that time, you'll be able to edit the contents and Post Date if you like.  See Section III below.

4. To stop a particular post from "going live", click the Delete button.  You can delete specific posts without having to unselect that particular social channel from all posts.

II. Inactivating Auto Pilot Social Updates and what that means to you

Uncheck the Active box from your Auto Pilot Settings feature to inactivate a particular Auto Pilot Social Category.  Uncheck the social channel itself to stop social posts for a particular social network (i.e. your Facebook Page).

1. Previously activated (but not yet posted) Auto Pilot Social Updates will be permanently deleted upon inactivation of your Auto Pilot category or social channel.  If you edited your contents or post date, those changes will be lost.

2. If you re-activate the Auto Pilot category or channel, new posts will be created for you using our default content and post date.

III. Editing Auto Pilot Social Updates and what that means to you

PLEASE NOTE: EDIT at your own risk. NewPanda staff cannot replace, repair or re-create Auto Pilot messages on behalf of individual users!

When you edit the content or post date for an Auto Pilot Social Update, you are editing ONLY the contents and post date for a single post to a single channel.  Each new Auto Pilot Social Update we create on your behalf will include all default content and post dates. 

Example: If you edit the content and/or post date for your 2013 Happy New Year Auto Pilot Twitter post, the selections you make will not apply to your 2014 Happy New Year Auto Pilot Twitter post.  You'll need to manage that separately when the post becomes available for editing next year.

1.  From the Auto Pilot Settings page, click the Edit link for a particular event. OR from the Your Messages page, click the edit icon.

2.  For Facebook posts, click the Advanced Facebook Options link to view the post.

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