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4.13. Viewing Contact Activity History

Updated 05.13.18

Each time your recipient views a message or clicks specific links or images within a message, an Open record is created.  Multiple, and sometimes numerous, Open records can be generated by a recipient clicking many links or images within a single message you've sent. Multiple Open records for a single message is not an indication that the recipient has received multiple copies of your message; our system automatically de-dupes each and every message you send to ensure that only one message per contact record is sent.

You can view eMessage activity (Opens, Views, Unsubscribes) by individual contact record thusly:

1. In the Contacts feature, search for the contact whose activity you'd like to view.

2. Click the name of the contact to open the Contact Details page.

3. Click the Message Activity tab to view all activity history for the contact.


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