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15.10. What do I do with contacts that have unsubscribed or bounced?

Updated 09.05.18

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When a contact in your NewPanda database unsubscribes from any message, they're automatically unsubscribed from all messages from you sent through our platform. 

Remember, just because someone unsubscribes from your eMessages doesn't mean they don't love you. They may simply be trying to cut down on the number of email messages they receive. Or they may prefer if you sent your eMessages to a different email account of theirs. Or they may prefer snail mail, or they may prefer to visit your web site to see if you have any news or special offers. 

Use this information to create appropriate Groups (for example, "Snail Mail" or "Web Coupons"). Then use your NewPanda To-Do List and Notes features to create tasks and notes about these individuals, so you can stay in touch appropriately with them. And you can use our handy Mailing Label feature to create mailing labels for your Snail Mail group campaigns and collateral piece mailings.

Here are a few scenarios and some suggestions for handling them:

1. The recipient Unsubscribes. 

           1. Contact the recipient to see if they would rather receive eMessages from you at a different
               email address.  Check to see if their needs have changed.  If you have a different email
               Group that better targets their current needs, they may resubscribe.
           2. Add this record to your Snail Mail group.

2. The recipient's email address has generated 3 consecutive fatal bounce records, so they got
    unsubscribed by NewPanda.

           1. Give the contact a call or send a postcard that says "Hey, we lost your email address! 
               We'd love to receive your new email address so we can continue to provide professional
               information and keep in touch!"
           2. Add this record to your Snail Mail group.

3. The recipient's email account is temporarily suspended or mailbox is full.

           1. If it just happens once, it's no big deal.  Maybe the recipient was on vacation.  However,
               if you get several notifications in a row to this effect for the same individual, consider it
               a warning that the recipient no longer manages this email account on a regular basis
               (and that NewPanda will probably unsubscribe it soon if you don't). 
               Contact the individual to get a different email address.
           2. Add this record to your Snail Mail group.

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