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9.1. Tracking Results

Updated 12.30.19

The Track Your Results feature provides key information about open, click, unsubscribe and bounce rates for eMessages you send through the NewPanda system.

*Please note:

To explore detail about who opened, clicked, unsubscribed from or did not open a message, click the number representing the total for the statistical category. 

Example:  Results for message called AUTO-PILOT EMAIL: Fall Back:


Each column for a particular eMessage contains up-to-the hour data about the number of eMessages that have cleared our outbound servers (Sent), and the results of the campaign (Opened, Unopened, Bounced, Pending and Unsubscribed).

Click on the appropriate number in each column to view the recipients associated with the data.  Once the data is displayed, you can click the Excel icon to export a copy of it for future reference.  Click Back to Track Your Results to navigate back to the previous page. 

What do the stats really represent?

The Sent column displays:

The Delivered column displays:

The Not Delivered column displays:

The Unsubscribed column displays individuals that clicked the "unsubscribe" link from the specific message you sent.  Click on the "unsubscribed" number to view recipients that unsubscribed. 

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