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4.12. Creating and Managing Groups

Updated 02.05.18

SuperQuick video instructions!

Watch the Groups Overview tutorial

Why in the world do you need Groups?  Plain and simple: Better targeting = better results (lower Spam complaints, greater loyalty and so much more...)  The Email Yogi explains and provides some great basic precepts for segmenting your audience.  Read about it.


1. To add a new group, type the desired Group name in the Create New Group field, then
    click Add Group.  (Folks, does it get any easier?)

2. To change the name of a group:
a. Click the Edit Groups link

      b. Click the Edit icon to the left of the current Group name
      c. Place your cursor in the Edit Group Name dialogue box, then hold your CTRL+A keys simultaneously to select all text
      d. Type the new Group Name
      e. Click OK
3. To add or remove contacts to/from a Group(s):

    Option A: Adding/Removing many contacts: From the main Contacts page, enter search criteria
                  filter, or browse to find the appropriate contact(s).  Click the checkbox to the left of
                  the contact name to select it.  Use the Actions menu to choose Groups, then select
                  the Group(s) to which to add the contact(s).  Click the Add to Groups or Remove 
                  from Groups
button to complete the process.


Quick Tip: When managing many contacts, select "Display 50 Records per Page" at the bottom of the page.  Then, select appropriate contacts on each page, and add/remove them to/from groups before going to the next page. That way if you get interrupted, you won't lose your work! 

    Option B: Adding/Removing existing contacts individually: Click on a contact name to open the
                  editing page.  In the Groups section, select or unselect the appropriate Group(s)
                  to update the single contact's Group affiliation(s).

    Option C:  Adding a new contact and assigning a group: In the Quick Contact Entry process:
                  Enter basic information (Name, Email Address, etc.), then use the Add Contact 
                    To Group Now,
or click Add More Details to add the contact to additional groups. 

4. To merge groups:

5. To delete contacts associated with a group (this means you will remove the contacts from your

6. To delete ONLY a Group Name (not the contacts currently associated with the group), click the 
      Edit Groups
bar.  Next, click the checkbox for the appropriate Group(s), then click the Delete 
      Selected Groups
 link.  This action is immediate and permanent, and cannot be undone.

7. To export a copy of your data by group(s):

Need some ideas for what kinds of Groups to create?  Use the downloadable PDF document below for a worksheet to begin brainstorming.


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