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5.49. Images don't show up in GMail

Updated 06.18.13

Some GMail users with Internet Explorer browsers will be prompted for email messages containing images with a security warning like this:


The message indicates that not all of the content in the eMessage came from a secure (https) server.  If you don't know the sender, it's probably a bad idea to allow content that did NOT come from a secure server, but then it's probably not a great idea to open the message at all if you don't know the sender.

Please note that the warning message is a function of your Internet Explorer browser; not your GMail settings.  You have several options:

1. Click NO to view all of the content in your email message.

2. Click YES to view only securely-delivered content (images will most likely be removed).

3. View your GMail email messages through Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer to
    eliminate these warning messages altogether and view all email content (make sure the
    sender is in your Safe Senders list!).  More information on Firefox features can be viewed here

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