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13.7. Tips for Image Uploading

Updated 06.22.18

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Here are some pointers for uploading your images using the Image Manager tool. Having issues with Gmail, Outlook or other email program rendering? Scroll to bottom of page.

1. The NewPanda system will accept .jpg, .bmp, .png or .gif file types, but for the best overall results, we suggest .jpg or .gif format. 

2. Our Maximum image file size limit is 4.77 MB; but for ease-of-use, 1MB is the maximum we recommend for the web!  If your image file size is really huge (like 10 Megs or more), it's probably a print-quality image.  The requirements for image display on the web are quite different than requirements for printing really intense colors, so all the extra pixels just take up space on servers. 

3. You will want to format, resize or otherwise edit your image in an image editing program (such as PhotoShop, QuarkXPress, etc.) before you upload it with the Image Uploader.  Why? The NewPanda program doesn't have robust image editing tools, and once your image is uploaded, "What You See Is What You Get" so to speak.  If it's giant when you upload it, it's going to be giant when your recipient views (and / or tries to download) it.  If it's teeny, it's going to stay teeny.  If it's fuzzy, it's going to stay fuzzy.  You get the "picture."  =)

4. Format your images for the web!  Color should be in RGB format, NOT CMYK.

5. Sounds a bit elementary, but make sure your file names are good (no spaces or special characters, don't have two dots: image..jpg, etc.).

6. Once you have uploaded an image, you can adjust its properties by clicking on the Properties tab.  This is where you can adjust image size and dimensions, add a border, specify padding, add an image description "tool tip" and more.  Please note that distortion can and will occur when adjusting size properties for your images, and that Outlook will ignore your image properties altogether.


Note: Gmail, Microsoft Outlook and some other email programs will NOT recognize images resized via the Image Properties feature after your image has been uploaded.  Instead your image will be displayed at its original size (as long as it's smaller than Outlook's MAXIMUM size, in which case it won't display at all).  This is because Outlook uses WORD to render emails, NOT HTML as other email programs do.  More information about designing your messages for display in Outlook here

For us non-techy folks, the best option is to resize your image BEFORE you upload it, to the size at which you would like it to display.  Keep in mind if you have to scroll to view an entire image within the NewPanda editing tools, your email recipients will have to do the same thing. 

Don't have image editing software or know what to use? Click here.

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