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13.2. My images won't upload or show up as an X

Updated 01.22.18

Usually image upload or preview difficulty is associated with one of the following issues:

1. If you provided your own HTML code, check to be sure your image path is complete and correct.

2. Your image may not be in an acceptable format.  Your image should be a .jpg, .gif or .png if possible.  Profile (Settings) images must be in .jpg format. 

And now, some notes about images for eMessages:  The image editor is a universal feature that can be used to load and insert images for eMessages, web sites, and as an integration tool with other software programs.  As such, it allows a wide range of image file types to be uploaded.  Your eMessages should only contain .JPG, .GIF or .PNG images

Most of your recipients will easily be able to view these types of images, and individual Spam filtering settings may be a bit more flexible for these image types.  Also, Internet Browsers don't support images uploaded in .pdf, .pds or .ai format.  Additional software is required to view images in these formats. 

When recipients receive eMessages that don't load properly (let's say they don't have the software required to view a .PDF image type), it can reflect poorly on you even though it may be a software or Browser issue on their side.  The less difficulty a recipient has in viewing your eMessage, the less likely they are to unsubscribe.

3. Your image file may be too large, especially if you originally used it for PRINT media.  Image files should be no larger than 10MB.  If using the NewPanda Image Manager, your image may not be larger than 4.77 MB.

4. Your image file may be named incorrectly.  Image file names may not contain characters such as # % * + ? etc., or spaces.  Image file names should contain only ONE dot, which should come just before the file type extension (i.e., image.jpg, NOT image.1.jpg).

5. Your image may be formatted for print (CMYK), not the WEB (RGB).  You'll need to convert your image for web applications to ensure it will display correctly.  One way to test to see whether your image is formatted incorrectly is to view it in Internet Explorer, FireFox and Safari.  If it looks correct in IE and FF but NOT Safari, it has to be reformatted.

Use a program like Adobe Photoshop or QuarkXPress to convert your file.  You may be required to purchase a license to use the software, so check to be sure the version you select supports image conversion from CMYK to RGB.

    More information

    Plugins are also available for image conversion (use at your own risk, please!).

If the above suggestions don't resolve your issue, try adding newpanda.com and propertysource.com to your list of trusted domains through your Internet security program or firewall.

For received eMessages, it's important to know that some email programs block images from loading or displaying unless the user clicks on "Show or download images" via their email account.  This feature may be enabled by the user's choice, by default, or even by a corporate email setting they cannot over-ride.  In these cases, the recipient should check their email security settings, and if using a corporate email account, check with their email administrator to  see of they can have their settings changed, or if they can add your domain to their Safe Senders list.

OUTLOOK imposes a maximum image height parameter of 1728 pixels. If you use an image taller than this, your image WILL NOT DISPLAY CORRECTLY in Outlook.

More information.  View our page on why text-to-image ratio is important!

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