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4.36. Contacts with Multiple Email addresses

Updated 11.20.18

Have contacts with multiple email addresses? Here's how that works in NewPanda.

The Email2 field is for your informational purposes only, and NewPanda NEVER emails the email addresses in the Email2 field. 

BUT if you enter multiple email addresses in the Email1 field, no message will be sent to that contact.  Our email system recognizes every single character in the Email1 field as part of a single email address. 

Seems a bit harsh. Why do we do this?

Well, let's say you have three email addresses for Bill Smith: an AOL, a Gmail and a Business email address.  Now let's say you put all three of those email addresses into one contact record.

Now let's say that Bill is not allowed to, or prefers not to, receive personal emails at his business email address. He is going to unsubscribe from (Opt Out of) your messages - and per the Federal CAN-SPAM Act, we'll have to unsubscribe all of his email addresses, because there is only one contact record, and we have no idea which email address(es) he really meant to unsubscribe.  Now Bill won't hear from you at all.

Or let's say that one of Bill's email addresses becomes invalid.  Again, we'll have to stop emailing to all three since we would not be able to determine which email address was bad. And again, now he won't hear from you at all.

Our recommendation is to determine the primary email address at which Bill prefers to receive messages, and use that one, saving the other email addresses (perhaps using the Notes Feature) in case his current email address becomes invalid. 

If you really know for sure that Bill wants to receive messages at several different email addresses, simply create a separate contact record for each. Caution: our experience has been that this usually frustrates the recipient and they will eventually end up either opting out from all email accounts, or reporting all your messages as spam (effectively opting out all of the email addresses, and negatively affecting our score as an email sender).

If you take advantage of the Mailing Labels feature, simply enter Bill's mailing address in only one of the contact records to avoid duplications when labels are generated.

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