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4.6. Importing Contacts

Updated 02.11.19

SuperQuick video instructions!

Watch our Contact Import Wizard video:


Check out our helpful pages on NewPanda's import fields and Data Management to make sure your data is fully ready for the NewPanda system before getting started.

Option 1: Import contacts from an existing file

First save your data as a .CSV (Comma Separated Values) file.  The file MUST contain column headers.  OPTIMAL FILE SIZE < 1,500 RECORDS PER IMPORT.  Files containing over 5,000 records will need to be broken up into smaller groups prior to upload. DELETE ALL BLANK ROWS PRIOR TO IMPORT, or they will be imported as BLANK RECORDS.


  1. Click the Import/Export tab in the Manage your Contacts feature
  2. Click the Browse button to browse for your data file
  3. Click the Upload button
  4. The Map Fields page will open.  Use the dropdown menus for each applicable field in the NewPanda system to select which data from the incoming file should be used in each field.
  5. Click Proceed
  6. The Import page will open.  Carefully review the data to be sure that you have correctly mapped your fields (i.e., First Names appear in the FIRST NAME column, etc.).  If the data does not match the new column headings, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Change Column Mappings
  7. Select optional destination group(s) and/or news channels for your incoming data
  8. Click Accept/Import
  9. If our system detects duplications, a Potential Duplicate Contacts page will open.  You can manually select how each record should be handled, or scroll to the bottom of the page to choose to skip the page (records identified as possible duplicates will not be added) or update all records (records identified as possible duplicates will be imported as updates to existing records).  If you have manually determined how each record should be handled, click Process My Choices.

Option 2: Address Book Importer feature - click here to view instructions for the Address Book Importer features.

Option 3: Copy/paste contacts from another program like Excel, or an address book - click here to view instructions vor the Copy & Paste feature.  NOTE: The Copy/Paste will not provide an opportunity to designate a Group or Groups for your incoming contacts.  Use the IMPORT FEATURE (Option 1) if managing Groups during your import process.

Option 4: Manually enter new contacts - click here to view instructions for adding new contacts manually.

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