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4.17. Exporting Contacts

Updated 04.12.17

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The Export feature in all cases exports a COPY of the requested data.  The Export feature never deletes contact data from your NewPanda tools.  See our page about Adding, Removing and Managing Contacts if you really want to delete contacts.

To export all contacts:

  1. Click the Import/Export tab in the Manage your Contacts feature
  2. Scroll to the Export Contacts section
  3. Cllick Export to CSV - this is a universal file type and can be opened with many programs including Excel.
  4. Follow the prompts to open / save your data.  We recommend that you SAVE your data to your desktop or another convenient location where you can find it, THEN open it to view and manipulate.

To export a Group or Found Set:

1.  By Group:  In the Filter Contacts feature, use the Filter by Groups & More dropdown menu to
     select the Group(s) you wish to export, then click Apply Filters.


     By Found Set (filtered set): In the Contacts feature, enter some filter critera and click the Search

2. The Contacts page will refresh, displaying your results.  In the Select Contacts section, choose ALL to export all the Group(s) or found set (or select by page, or by clicking on individual contact records).


3. Once you've made your selection, in the ACTIONS bar, choose Export.


To export Email Opt Outs and Unsubscribes:

  1. In the Contacts feature, click Email Opt-outs
  2. If you wish to include email addresses of deleted contacts for syncing with another program, be sure to check the Show Deleted Contacts checkbox
  3. Click the Export icon, and follow the prompts to open or save your data


Now that you've got your data exported, you may want to EDIT in Excel for easier viewing and/or printing.  NewPanda can not provide technical support for Microsoft products, but we found some GREAT resources to help you.

Microsoft Excel 2010 Tutorial - FGCU.edu

Microsoft Excel 2007 Tutorial - FGCU.edu

Microsoft Excel 2003 Tutorial - GCFLearnFree.org

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