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4.37. Can I merge or unmerge my groups?

Updated 06.08.13

Merge groups using our instructions here.  Our software doesn't currently offer a feature to unmerge Groups.  The best and fastest way to handle projects like this would be to:

1. Export a copy of the data you wish to work with into an Excel workbook.

2. Modify that workbook by adding to it, subtracting from it, and/or using the "Groups" field to
    designate one or more appropriate groups for each record.  Check out our super-helpful page on 
    Importing Multiple Groups in one step

3. After verifying that you have correctly saved your Excel work and CAN RE-OPEN your data file, 
    delete the original data from your NewPanda database.  Note that Activity History and prior
    eNewsletter subscriptions will be lost.

4. If your data does not contain a field for Group(s), create (or delete) your new Groups if
    necessary with your NewPanda Groups feature.

5. Save the data as a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file, and re-upload it, designating the desired
    Group(s) for each Workbook you've created, or let our system auto-create your groups (see Step
    2 above; semi-colon separated data in one field, no spaces ONLY).

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