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5.11. Inserting Images

Updated 01.26.20

SuperQuick video instructions!

Watch the full-length tutorial video:


First, a few notes about images for eMessages

1. Never ever copy/paste images straight into NewPanda. They won't appear correctly in your recipients' messages, if at all.  Our YouTube video covers this in greater detail.

2. Your eMessages should only contain .JPG, .GIF or .PNG images.  Most of your recipients will easily be able to view these types of images, no additional software is required by your recipients to view them, and individual Spam filtering settings may be a bit more flexible for them.

Oh, you want to embed or attach a PDF file?  Click here to read about why NewPanda can't allow PDF files and explore alternate options.

3. Images taken with an i-Device may not appear oriented correctly unless you hold your i-Device correctly. Click here for instructions.

4. Images uploaded into eMessages are not resized automatically by your NewPanda tool set, AND may be displayed at ORIGINAL UPLOAD SIZE even if you force the size via html or the NewPanda Image Manager!  SO...

5. You may want to resize or touch up your image in an image editing program like Photoshop or SnagIt prior to upload, or use the NewPanda Image Manager advanced features to modify your image size or other attributes.  Check out our page on Image Uploading tips for more info!  Looking for free image editing software? Click here.

Option 1: Use the Image Manager to insert images into your eMessages.

The image editor is a universal feature that can be used to load and insert images for eMessages, web sites, and as an integration tool with other software programs.  As such, it allows a wide range of image file types to be uploaded. 

1. Place your cursor in the position at which you would like to insert your image

2. Click the Image Manager icon


3. When the image manager box opens, click on an existing filename to select an image that's already in your library, or click the Upload button to browse for and upload a new image.


4. To upload a new image, click the Select button and browse for the image you want.  You can upload multiple images at one time.  Use the Add button to browse for additional images to upload.  The more images you upload at once, the longer the process will take.


5. To select an image to insert once it's been uploaded, click on the image name.  The image will be displayed in the preview field.  Click the Insert button to insert the selected image.


6. Be sure to test your eMessage including the images before sending to your live list.


Option 2: Use an Image Path for images in your eCommunications.

If providing your own code for an eMessage, you will need to host all of your images on your server and use absolute image paths to point to those images.

Be sure your image path is complete (beginning with http://www....) and be sure to test your message including the image paths before sending to your live list.

Example:  <img src="http://www.website.com/email/images/image23.gif">


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