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13.8. PDFs and Other Attachments

Updated 05.28.18

Sharing a PDF or image file with your contacts is easy.  Here are a couple options:

1. Use NewPanda's Document Manager to upload your document, and we'll automatically create a link to it, right in your message! It's fantastic!  Click here to view instructions for using the NewPanda Document Manager.

2. If the file you'd like to share is already located on a website, you can use that external link within your message. Recipients can then click the link to open the file in their browser. You'll want to be sure there's not a permission/copyright issue when using an external site's URL. It's also important to note that if the site removes the file at any time, anyone clicking the link in your email may go to an error page on that site. 

To find a link to a file, just open it in a browser and copy the URL from the address bar.  Inserting hyperlinks into your NewPanda eMessages is pretty easy, just be sure to test your message before you send it to live recipients.

3. Add images (jpg, png or gif) within a message you're creating. In cases where you want to show some of the visual content of a PDF or other document, you can scan a printout or use an image capture program (lots can be found via a Google search - free or not free. We love SnagIt by TechSmith). Just be sure your captured image isn't too large in dimensions. 

Be sure to check out our Image Uploading Tips page for instructions on inserting images into a NewPanda message.

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