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15.5. Does NewPanda notify me when someone unsubscribes?

Updated 01.05.12

Short answer: No. 

Long answer: No, and here's why:

1. We found that users were marking our Unsubscribe Notification emails to them as SPAM!  Yeah,
    we said it.

2. We found that users were not reading important messages about NewPanda services and events  
    because they "get a bunch of emails from you every day and it's impossible to tell which ones I
    really care about."

Most of our users don't really want to receive an instant email every time someone clicks the Unsubscribe link from one of their eMessages.  What you really care about is whether you can access that information when it's convenient for you, in a way that's useful to you.  And you can, and it is:

1. Unsubscribes are tracked and recorded in your Track Your Results feature for each message
    you send.

2. Unsubscribes are listed in your Manage Your Contacts feature as a universal list, sortable by
    Name, Email address, and Unsubscribe date. 

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