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6.8. Inserting Images into Personal Articles

Updated 01.11.18

First, a note about images for eNewsletters:  The image editor is a universal feature that can be used to load and insert images for eMessages, web sites, and as an integration tool with other software programs.  As such, it allows a wide range of image file types to be uploaded.  Your eNewsletters should only contain images for which no additional software is required to view the image(s) - such as .JPG, .GIF or .PNG.  Most of your recipients will easily be able to view these types of images. 

Image types to avoid: .PDF, .BMP, .PPM, .TIF, .RGB.  In these cases, it's better to create a hyperlink to the web page that contains the content you'd like your recipients to see.

To add a THUMBNAIL image to appear in the Teaser Copy section, of your article, see our page on Creating and Managing Personal Articles, Step 4-f.

To add images to the main article:

1. Place your cursor in the position at which you would like to insert your image

2. Click the Image Manager icon


3. When the image manager box opens, click on an existing filename to select an image that's already in your library, or click the Upload button to browse for and upload a new image.


4. To upload a new image, click the Select button and browse for the image you want.  You can upload multiple images at one time.  Use the Add button to browse for additional images to upload.  The more images you upload at once, the longer the process will take.


5. To select an image to insert once it's been uploaded, click on the image name.  The image will be displayed in the preview field.  Click the Insert button to insert the selected image.


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