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4.31. How do I create Comma Separated Value (CSV) Files?

Updated 06.08.18

Comma Separated Value (.csv) files are virtually universal. That means that almost every database application can read, import and export files in this format. Comma Separated Value refers to how each "field" or "column" in your data is separated. The comma specifies that "this is all for this field." 

Here's an example of what a CSV file might look like (where the first line is the column header and the second line is the actual data):


To import your data into NewPanda, it must be in .csv format.  Here are some guidelines for creating a .csv file.

1. If exporting from another database program such as ACT! Outlook, Palm, Goldmine, Sharper Agent, Top Producer, etc., export your list as a Comma Separated Value (.csv) or Text (.txt) file.

2. Once you have your data saved onto your desktop or another convenient location, we recommend you open it in a spreadsheet program (like Excel or Lotus) to be sure it looks good, all the data is in the proper columns (all first names in the First Name column, all email addresses in the Email Address column, etc.), and is generally in importable format for the NewPanda program.  Excel makes it easy to rearrange or update any data that needs a bit of TLC before importing into the NewPanda program.  Don't forget to save your work in .csv format!

3. If your data is already in Excel (or equivalent) format, it's easy to save it as a .csv file:

    a. Excel 2003 instructions can be viewed here
    b. Excel 2007 or later instructions can be viewed here

Using a Mac?

  1. File
   2. Save As
   3. Enter required name - don't forget to delete the '.xls' bit as this isn't included in the default highlight name and will remain unless you delete.
   4. Go to the Format drop down, scroll down to the 'Text (Tab delimited)' option.
   5. Answer Yes to the warning about saving features which are not compatible
   6. Save

Click here to view the fields you can import in the NewPanda system.

Click here for instructions to import your data.

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