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4.18. Merging Groups

Updated 12.14.15

SuperQuick video instructions!

Watch our Manage Groups tutorial video:

While we don't have an actual feature called "Merge Groups", it is super simple to find members of one group and add them to another group.  Just remember that you are not removing contacts from one group to add them to the other; rather you are adding the members of one group to an ADDITIONAL group.

Want to delete an entire group and all its members, change the name of a group, or remove a group name (but not its associated contacts)?  Click here for instructions.

To add members of one group to another group(s):

1. From the Contacts tab, use the Filter by Groups & More dropdown menu to select the group(s)
    you want to work with.  Click Apply Filters.

2. In the Select Contacts section, click All to select all contacts, or you can select individual contacts
    by clicking the checkbox next to the appropriate contact name(s).

3. In the Actions section, click on Groups


4. From the Groups dropdown menu, click the checkbox(es) for the appropriate group(s) to which
    you wish to add new group members.  Then click Add to Groups to complete the process.


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