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4.40. How do I import my NewPanda data into Facebook?

Updated 06.08.13

A: Please make sure that the file follows the format below:
  1. First line contains the words "Email Addresses"
  2. The following rows only contain email addresses and no other type of information (name, location, etc.)
From this answer on Facebook's site, it appears YOU CAN ONLY IMPORT email addresses - no other information.  THEREFORE we suggest you:
  1. Export your data from the NewPanda tool set into EXCEL format, and save to your desktop.
  2. Open the excel file, and remove ALL columns except EMAIL 1
  3. Rename the column header "Email Addresses" as instructed by Facebook
  4. Choose File, then Save As, and choose .CSV
  5. Save the new .CSV file to your desktop, naming it something like "FBImport.csv" or "Facebook.csv"
  6. Use the newly saved Facebook .CSV file to import ONLY your email addresses into Facebook

If you continue to experience problems, please submit a request to Facebook here. (Unfortunately, although we love you SO much, NewPanda cannot support Facebook issues).  Please note that Facebook may request a copy of your data (.csv file) to troubleshoot the problem.

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