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5.14. Embedding Videos in eMessages

Updated 12.18.16

While it's technically possible to embed videos in your eMessages, email programs will no longer allow them, and they'll be removed from your recipients' eMessages 100% of the time.  Embedded videos were once supported by many Email Service Providers (ESPs), however the upsurge in SPAM, viruses and the lot have resulted in a strong tightening of security parameters for AOL, Gmail, Yahoo and every other ESP you can think of. 

For these reasons, we do not recommend you send embedded videos in eMessages.  We can't block you from creating code for them in your eMessages, but they won't be present when they reach your recipient's inbox, and unfortunately, there's not a thing you (or we) can do about it. Bummer! :(

Bottom line: The best workaround is to take a screenshot of your hosted video, save it as a .GIF or .JPG, insert that image into your eMessage, and make the image a hyperlink to your hosted video. You can use any image you like as your linking object, or simply use some text (like "Watch the video here", etc.).

For more info, here's an article by our friends at ClickZ that discusses the issue and ways around it.

If you're super tech-savvy, here's an article that discusses what kinds of animation work in which email clients.

Don't forget the NewPanda mantra: Test Every Message you send before sending to live recipients.  Then re-test it.  And then, test it again.  A bit of work now saves much frustration and embarrassment later.

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