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5.7. Text-Only eMessages

Updated 02.15.17

*Please carefully read our Terms of Use, Anti-Spam Policy and Privacy Policy before sending eMessages.

Watch our eTools Overview & Tutorial video:

Need to send a plain old, down and dirty, no pictures, tables or formatting, eMessage?  Use the Text-Only feature. 

1. Click the Create New Message tab in the Send Your Messages feature

2.  Choose Text-Only from the options list

3. The message editor will open. Enter your eMessage text.  Note that there are no formatting, image insertion or other fancy editing features.  That's because this is a text-only message (If you want fancy, use the Open Palette feature)!  You will be responsible for spell-checking and generally "proofing" your Text-Only message.  Please be sure to do so before clicking the Save & Continue button.

4. Create a name for your eMessage.  It should be descriptive yet brief (so you'll know how to identify it later in your reports).

Watch the Email Details & Recipients Video!

5. Add your Email Subject Line (required).  You can also edit your email From name, email From Address and Reply-to email address.

6. Select your recipients:
     a. Group(s) - choose one or more groups to which to send your eMessage.  If a particular contact
         or email address is in multiple Groups, our system will automatically remove duplicates so only
         one eMessage will be sent per email address.
     b. Selected Contacts - use the search feature to find and select specific recipients. Be sure to
         use the > arrows to move the found recipients to the RIGHT side of the page.  This is your
         SEND list.
     c. Copy/Paste email addresses - add recipients "on the fly".  Be sure to add the recipients as
         shown in the example:  First Last EmailAddress MobilePhone (optional)
     d. Entire Contact List

  You can select multiple options above, however it is unnecessary to choose for instance, a Group
  AND Entire Contact List.  You don't have to select any recipients now if:

     a. You are only sending a Mobile Message
     b. You are only sending a Social Update
     c. You are not ready to send your eMessage yet

   Click Save & Continue

7.  To skip Mobile and Social updates, click Skip Social at the bottom of the page and skip to STEP 9, OR

8. If you want to send a Mobile Message or Social Update in addition to your eMessage, use the Compose your Mobile Message page and/or Compose your Social Update page to do so, then click Save & Continue 

9. Schedule your message: choose to Save as a Draft, Send Now, or Schedule Delivery.  (If you have not selected recipients for your message yet, you can only Save as Draft.) 

10.  Click Save & Continue.  All events will be sent at their individually scheduled times

NOTE that when scheduling your message for a later date, you MUST activate the Schedule Delivery button to activate the calendar.  If you schedule a future date, then click the Send Now radio button, the scheduled date will be removed, and your message will be sent immediately.  Sent messages cannot be recalled or undone.

A copy of your finished product will automatically be saved in your My Messages feature.  If you archive your message before it's actually sent, it will not be sent

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