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9.2. Not All Selected Contacts Were Sent My Message

Updated 02.04.19

Sometimes, when you select a group or a specific number of contacts to receive a message, Tracking will show a different number of recipients for delivery. So why the discrepancy?

Each time you send a message from NewPanda, we do many things to ensure that our reputation as a sender stays high - so your messages have the best chance of landing in your recipients' INBOX.

  1. We cannot email contacts with no value or an incorrect value in the EMAIL ADDRESS field. Absence of an email address (or an incorrect email address) does not prevent you from adding contacts to specific groups, but if you entered or imported the email address into the incorrect field, or entered more than one email address into the EMAIL ADDRESS field, or you just don't have an email address for some of those contacts, we won't be able to email them.

  2. We automatically remove duplicate email addresses for each individual message. You may have several contact records for a single recipient, each with a common email address. For example, let's say Bill Smith, William Smith and W.E. Smith all came from different sources (like your Yahoo address book, your Apple address book and a business card you found in your desk) into NewPanda at different times, but they all have the same email address. To ensure that Bill won't be annoyed, alarmed or downright offended by receiving multiple copies of the same message (and likely unsubscribe), we make sure each email address only gets one copy.

  3. We automatically remove previously unsubscribed email addresses from your send list - even before your very first message is sent. How can we do that? We have a list of email recipients that have unsubscribed from other senders' email lists within NewPanda, and who have specifically instructed us to universally unsubscribe them from all past, present and future users.

  4. We automatically remove known bad email addresses from your send list - even before your very first message is sent. Yep, we keep track of every single one we've ever had for every single user. And if a new user enters one of those email addresses into NewPanda, we know it. If we receive a fatal bounce report for any contact, they're automatically removed from all future sends - for all users, not just you. Not doing so would jeopardize our good standing within the Email Service Provider community since sending messages to known bad email addresses is considered "spammy". And that would mean your messages would have a higher chance of being marked as Spam before they ever even hit your recipient's Inbox.


Because we do these things before every single message is sent, you may notice that a specific message wasn't sent to all the contacts you selected to receive it. But you do have our assurance and our commitment that each and every message will be sent to as many recipients as legally and technically possible, and that because we do all the things we do, your messages have the very best chance of reaching your recipients' INBOX.

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