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5.42. My merged data doesn't look right

Updated 06.18.13

If your merge data doesn't look correct in Preview mode, there could be several causes:

1. You've chosen the wrong merge tag.  Recheck your merge tag through Design mode to be sure
    you chose the tag that correctly corresponds to the data you want to see.

2. Your data is incorrect, incomplete or out of date.  To research, export a copy of your contact
    group or universe in Excel and look at the field(s) you have selected for your merge tags.  If
    you see "empties" or incorrect information, either update your data first (choose this option!!)
    or don't use merge tags. 

You can easily make necessary updates to your exported data in Excel format, resave it as a Comma Separated Value file, then reimport it. Alternately you can manually update your records.  Remember, once you've ensured your data is up-to-date, be sure to maintain it on a regular basis.  It's uber easy to keep up with it if you do it often, and it ensures that your eMessages will be professional and most importantly, correct, when they land in your recipients' Inboxes.

To test your merged data:

  1. Create a test group (called maybe "Email Test Group") with fictitious contact information, but with valid email addresses you have access to.  Make the contact information unique for each record so you can verify through your testing that the merge tags are working correctly.
  2. Create and send a test message using the merge fields and design elements you'll use in your "live" message.
  3. Review each received message to be sure the merged data is correct.  You can even re-test by changing one of your test records and sending a new test message to view the updated information if you want.
  4. When you're satisfied that your merge tags are working as they should and your eMessages look the way they should, Replicate your message for your "live" send.

NewPanda recommends you always test your messages for design, functionality, grammar and spelling before sending to your live list!

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