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4.21. Mailing Labels: Troubleshooting

Updated 01.10.22

I didn't receive my labels

1. Usually this issue is related to your email security and/or spam settings or your firewall.  Check your Spam and Junk folders as well as your email security settings if you don't see the labels in your Inbox. Once you adjust any necessary settings, re-order your labels.

2. Occasionally, bad characters (such as # % <, etc.) in your contact data can cause label generation to fail.  Export a copy of the group you're trying to create labels for and remove / replace any characters, then re-order your labels.

My PDF won't download

You may want to check your computer security settings to be sure you're allowing popups.

To download labels without changing your settings:

1. Check your email for a message called Mailing Labels are Ready

2. Open the message, and click VIEW MESSAGE IN A BROWSER

3. When the new browser opens, click Click HERE to download


I can't view my labels

1. Mailing Labels will only be generated for contacts that contain a complete mailing (home and/or business) address, with data in the following fields: Street Address, City, State, Zip Code.

2. You must allow popups from our site to open your PDF document.

3. Close all other PDF files before trying to open your label file.

4. Check all open tabs and windows to be sure the file is simply not hidden by a currently open tab or window.

5. Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader or Adobe Illustrator installed on your computer.

My labels don't print correctly

1. Make sure you're using Avery 5160 or equivalent labels (3 across, 10 down)

2. If you experience "label creep" when printing your labels (the addresses line up correctly at the top of the page, but by the bottom of the page, they're too high or too low and run off the label):

If your printer dialogue box has a Page Handling section, UNSELECT the options for

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