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2.2. Coldwell Banker DESK Login including TEAMS

Updated 02.24.21

Your NewPanda login access is created via a USER data set we receive on a daily basis from NRT Services. If we don't receive a record for you via the data feed, the account creation process doesn't happen, and there's no way around it. If your record is removed after your access has been created, access will be revoked until a record for you is present in the data set. Access to NewPanda is created exclusively by NRT, and we don't have access to viewing, updating or managing accounts on this side in any way.

Here are some things to know about accessing your NewPanda tools via DESK:

1. Requirements for NewPanda account activation

2. If you're a team member, please know that ONLY YOU have access to your NewPanda tools through DESK.  Your team members have been provided with SEPARATE ACCOUNTS to which they can login. 

Here are the specifications for how individual login and team listings work:

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