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3.9. What's Next?

Updated 03.17.21

If you've done the basic setup of your NewPanda tools and you're ready to start promoting your business, here's a logical sequence to help you add contacts, set subscriptions and begin creating messages in the most efficient way. 

1. Add your contact data manually, and/or

2. Import your  Contact Data.  Your data must be in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format to
    import into your NewPanda tools

3. Create some Groups to segment your market and marketing efforts

4. Subscribe contacts to your eNewsletter (if your membership includes this feature)

5. Create a Personal Article(s) to introduce yourself and your brand-spankin' new eNewsletter
    (Optional but recommended).  Remember NewPanda is for OPT IN subscribers only!

6. Set your Auto-Pilot eCard preferences

7. Set your Auto-Pilot Social Updates preferences (Optional, additional fee applies)

8. Create an eMessage to spread the word

9. Track Your Results to streamline your efforts

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