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4.7. Address Book Importer

Updated 02.17.17

Please be sure to read our Terms of Use, Anti-Spam and Privacy Policy before importing contacts.  NewPanda is for permission-based emails ONLY.  NewPanda is never to be used for purchased, rented, or non opt-in contact data.


Check out our helpful pages on NewPanda's import fields and Data Management to make sure your data is fully ready for the NewPanda system before getting started.

You MUST allow popups from NewPanda in ALL BROWSERS AND TOOLBARS.

NOTE for iCloud users: If you have activated two-step verification for your iCloud account, you must use an App-specific Password from iCloud. You can generate an App-specific iCloud Password by managing your iCloud app here.
NOTE for Outlook users
: You must have an ACTIVE OUTLOOK ACCOUNT - the NewPanda Address Book Importer cannot authenticate through Outlook Webmail View-only accounts
NOTE for GoogleMail users: Export as an OUTLOOK CSV file in order to get the necessary column headers. 

If your data is not in one of the supported address books, click here.

1. From the Contacts tab, select Import/Export

3. From the Option B section, click the appropriate Address Book icon in the Address Book Importer section to open the import wizard

4. Follow the prompts.  You MUST allow authentication through CloudSponge. 

5. Selected contacts will be populated into the IMPORTER box.  When you're done selecting contacts, scroll down and click the process button.

Having trouble with the Address Book Import wizard? Click here.

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